Cal Performances @ UC Berkeley June 12-15, 2019

This year, we held our first Artistic Literacy Institute at Cal Performances, on the UC Berkeley campus. We were joined by over seventy artists, educators, administrators, and community members who share our belief that the arts matter and that everyone deserves meaningful access to the arts.

Over the course of our many sessions and activities, we explored the concept and cultivation of artistic literacy, embarked on challenging conversations about the arts in our contemporary moment, and called upon each other to become agents of change for a better world. Read on for more details about our time together!

Reframing Arts Engagement

Our three-day structure asked participants to think of themselves first as Audience Members, then as Educators, and finally as Citizens. Our introduction of artistic literacy as a framework and a methodology involved plenary discussions about core values and strategies, as well as immersive arts experiences that allowed us to deepen our learning.

We also held lunchtime break-out sessions, discussing curriculum development and implementation for specific populations (K-12 classrooms, university campuses, lifelong learners and general audiences). For a look at our full schedule, click on the link below:
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Refining Best Practices

Our shared approach builds upon and refines decades of best practices in arts education, particularly as exemplified by Lincoln Center Education, the Kennedy Center, and other leaders in arts-based learning and teaching.

Our participants ran the gamut from those with deep training in these methodologies to those new to arts-based teaching and learning. Click below to view a full list of our participants, including biographies of our featured presenters and facilitators:
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As we continue to work with the rich connections, materials, and ideas the Institute brought us, we’ll keep updating this page and related sections of our website. Please check back for more media, writing, and resources. And if you were a participant, please don’t hesitate to let us know what else you might like to see!

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